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ASA's Lending Library

The following publications and videos are available for your use in the sign business. Please call the association office for lending arrangements.

  1. Business Information
    1. Guideline Contractual Agreements (ISA)
    2. Signs of Change in the Modern World (ISA)
    3. Smooth Management (ISA)
    4. Smooth Selling (ISA)
    5. Credit & Collections (ISA)
    6. Sign Electrician Workbook (Stalcup/ISA)
    7. Interference with Business Imaging Curtailed (David K. Jones/ISA)
    8. Business Opportunities for Custom/Installation Companies (ISA)
    9. Arizona Commercial Driver's License Manual (ADOT)
    10. Trucking in Arizona (Arizona Motor Transport Association)
    11. Statutes & Rules - Arizona Contractor's Licensing
    12. Employers' Handbook (Arizona Department of Economic Security, Arizona Department of Revenue)
    13. TM Infringement (ISA)
    14. Theft by Design (ISA)
    15. Images of Vitality (ISA)
    16. Keep Clients Coming Back (ISA)
    17. Consultation Services (ISA)
    18. Financial Assistance from ISA (ISA)
    19. Customer Satisfaction Pamphlet (ISA)
    20. Sales Quality Audit (ISA)
    21. Learn About Diversity - Pamphlet
    22. The Power of Exhibitions
    23. E-mail ISA Members for Solutions and Answers
    24. Explore the Sign Industry Through ISA Internet
  2. Safety Information
    1. Mobile Crane Manual (ISA)
    2. Health & Safety Guides for Sign and Advertising Display Manufacturers (ISA)
    3. Before You Get in Over Your Head - The Overhead Powerline Safety Law (40-360.41-45) Explained in Plain English (Electric League of Arizona)
    4. How to Locate Underground Utilities Before You Dig (Blue Stake)
    5. Electric Sign Listing Program (U.L.)
    6. Safety & Loss Prevention Guide (ISA & Royal Insurance)
    7. Neon Installation Manual (ISA)
    8. Safety Accomplishments (ISA)
    9. Safety and Human Factors (ISA)
    10. National Electrical Code, 1999
    11. National Electrical Code, 2000
    12. Neon Lighting - A Professional Advantage
    13. Sign Manufacturing and Installation
    14. RLC vs. Nursing Homes (Technician Workshop 1998)
    15. Underground Electrical Safety
    16. Unmasking the Myths About Signs
    17. Complying with ADAAG - Scottsdale CC - Seminar Aug-Dec.'98
    18. Take Control - Safety Tips for the 90's
    19. Tips for Hosting A Site Visit By An Elected Official (ISA)
    20. EPACT - Pocket Guide (Osram Sylvania)
    21. Fall Protection
    22. General Requirements Before Using Aerial Equipment
    23. Aerial Ladders and Cranes
    24. Electrical Trainee Guide Level 1 - Wheels of Learning
    25. Forklift Train the Trainer documents (A.D.O.S.H.)
  3. Hazardous Materials Information
    1. Written Hazard Communications Program (AzOSHA)
    2. Hazard Communication Standards (AzOSHA)
    3. Hazard Communications Parts 1910, 1926, 1928 (AzOSHA)
    4. Material Handling & Storage (U.S. Dept. of Labor)
    5. Don't Get Caught With Your Paint Wet! (ISA)
    6. Environmental Accomplishments Pamphlet (ISA)
    7. Requirements for Disposal of Waste (ISA)
    8. Waste Exchanges (ISA)
  4. Insurance Information
    1. The State Fund Association Dividend Plan
    2. Workers' Compensation Rates Rising (ISA)
    3. A Look at Workers' Compensation and the State Fund
    4. Workers' Comp Insurance; Its the Law! What Every Employer Should Know (Arizona Industrial Commission)
    5. Workers' Compensation Insurance (State Fund Policy Holder's Service Seminar 1993)
    6. Glossary of Commonly Used Workers' Compensation Insurance Terms and Phrases (State Fund 1993)
    7. Your Premium Reports, What's Reportable, What's Not (State Fund 1993)
    8. Employer Action Program - Controlling Compensation Claims (State Fund 1996)
    9. What Every Arizona Employee Should Know - ICA
  5. Legislative Resources
    1. Sign Zoning Kit (ISA)
    2. Guideline Sign Code (ISA)
    3. Electric Awning Signs (ISA)
    4. How Much Does a City Sign Code Cost (ISA)
    5. The Economic Value of On-Premise Signs (ISA)
    6. The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage (ISA/97)
    7. The Value of Signs
    8. Safety & Env. Design Considerations in the use of Comm. Electronic Variable Message Signage (ISA)
    9. Sign Regulation - Legal Issues Outline (1993 Prepared for ISA by David K. Jones)
    10. Sign Regulation and the Mechanics of Visual Communications (1995 for ISA by David K. Jones)
    11. Street Graphics and the Law (Mandelker & Ewald)
    12. Street Graphics - A Review (ISA) (Claus & Claus)
    13. A Guide Code for the Municipal Regulation of On-Premise Signs (ISA)
    14. Sign Regulation for Small and Medium Sized Communities (Kelly & Raso/APA)
    15. Sign Permit Fees: How Much is Too Much (David K. Jones/ISA)
    16. Handbook of Signage and Sign Legislation (1975 Claus & Claus)
    17. Signage Review (1975 Claus & Claus)
    18. The Sign User's Guide: A Marketing Aid (1979 Claus & Claus)
    19. Signs, Legal Rights and Aesthetic Considerations (Claus, Oliphant, & Claus)
    20. Signlines (On-Premise Sign Publication for Municipal Planners)
    21. Understanding the Political Process; Using it to the Sign Industry's Benefit (Sampson)
    22. Signs & the ADA, An Americans with Disabilities Act, Ref. Manual (Toji, Access Communications)
    23. Americans with Disabilities Act (1993 Rita Meiser)
    24. Case Briefing of Zoning Adjustment - Phoenix 1985-1989 and Board of Adjustment - Phoenix 1984- 1989 (Friend)
    25. Glossary of Signage Terms, A Buyers Guide and Legislative Desk Reference (1993 Sign Display & Industry Promotions Fund)
    26. ISA Signals
    27. ISA Perspectives
    28. Amortization Explained (ISA)
    29. Cases on Sign Law (1975 ISA)
    30. Signs and Your Business (ISA)
    31. Comments on Mayor's Task Force on Signage Report, Akron, OH (1992 Sign Display & Industry Promotions Fund)
    32. On Premise Sign Code Analysis, Euclid, OH (1992 Sign & Display Industry Promotion Fund)
    33. Proposed Sign Code Considerations, Spokane, WA (1991 Claus Consulting & Appraising)
    34. Variance Request For Pier 1 Imports, Germantown, TN (1991 Claus & Yarger)
    35. Signline - Judicial Scrutiny
    36. Surveys Help Sign Shops (ISA)
    37. The Mechanics of Sign Control - (APA 1980)
    38. Building Coalitions (ISA)
    39. Codes & Permits (ISA)
    40. Congress at Your Fingertips (ISA)
    41. Congressional Committees with Jurisdiction over ISA Issues (ISA)
    42. Government Relations Accomplishments (ISA)
    43. Avoiding Permits Pamphlets (ISA)
    44. Financial Assistance
    45. Unmasking the Myths
    46. Legislation for Signage Control: Basic Policy Considerations
    47. Some Policy Considerations for Sign Legislation (Dr. R.J. Claus)
    48. Inside Information On Avoiding Permits (ISA)
    49. Grassroots Network (ISA)
    50. Making Your Presence Felt (ISA)
  6. Videos
    1. Main Street, USA Signing Off (ISA)
    2. On-Premise Signs; The Vital Link (ISA)
    3. Crane Truck Safety - REVISED! (ISA)
    4. Commercial Driver's License Pre-Trip Inspection & Skill Test (ADOT)
    5. Back Supports: A Tool in Back Injury Prevention (State Fund)
    6. Sign Professionals Video - Gemini Products
    7. Customer Video - Gemini Products
    8. Metal Letter Installation Video - Gemini Products
    9. Arizona Blue Stake
    10. Electrical Safety in the Field (APS)
    11. Workers Compensation Fraud - It'll Cost You (State Fund)
    12. Tensioning System Instructions (SignComp)
    13. "Follow the Signs" Sign Industry Recruitment Video (ASA/ISA)
    14. The Death of Main Street USA (YESCO)
    15. Gemini Dimensional Letter & Logo Installation Video
    16. Insurance Fraud, The Crime You Pay For
    17. Providing the Spark From School to Work
    18. Meeting the Challenge


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