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Licensed Sign Contractors (A-1)
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The year the company joined ASA is listed in parentheses.

  • A & B Sign Co., Inc. (2003)
  • Addisigns, Inc. (2005)
  • All Weather Sign Service (2001)
  • Allen Industries, Inc. (2010)
  • America's Instant Signs (2015)
  • Arizona Commercial Signs (1993)
  • Arizona Custom Signs and Lighting (2017)
  • Associated Sign Co., Inc. (1989)
  • AZ Sign & Graphics, Inc. (2008)
  • Bleier Industries, Ltd. (1976)
  • bluemedia (2010)
  • Bootz and Duke Sign Co. (1978)
  • Caliber Signs (2014)
  • Christy Signs (1978)
  • Cook & Co. Signmakers, Inc. (2006)
  • Corporate Sign, Inc. (1999)
  • Craft Master Sign Corporation (1988)
  • Davis Interior Graphics & Signs LLC (2014)
  • Del Outdoor Advertising, Inc. (2005)
  • Effective Signs (2004)
  • Elite Signs, LLC (2009)
  • Epic Sign Group (2006)
  • Equity Sign Group, Inc. (2005)
  • Fluoresco Lighting and Signs (1983)
  • Global Sign Works LLC (2009) 
  • Higher Signs & Lighting, Inc. (2007)
  • Identity Sign Group, Inc. (2003)
  • Ikonik Sings (2017)
  • Jayco Signs, LLC (2008)
  • JB Signs (2016)
  • Ken's Sign Service, Inc. (1988)
  • Logo Design Group, LLC (2009)
  • Maricopa Sign Company (2015)
  • Metro Sign A Rama(2014)
  • Morgan Sign Co. (2003)
  • Mountain States Specialties (1999)
  • Naturalite Neon (2014)
  • Northern Arizona Signs (1980)
  • Number One Signs Corp. (2010)
  • Pearson's Sign Co. (1970)
  • Penn Neon Sign Co., Inc. (1998)
  • Precise Sign (2000)
  • Red Mountain Lighting & Energy Services, LLC (2012)
  • Royal Sign Company, Inc. (1961)
  • RSS Industries, LLC (2012)
  • Sandstorm Signs & Service, Inc.
  • Sierra Signs & Service, Inc. (2009) 
  • Sign-A-Rama (2001)
  • Sign Magic, Inc. (2006)
  • Sign Masters (1997)
  • Sign Services (2017)
  • Sign Tec, LLC (1994)
  • Signart Inc. (2017)
  • Signline (2005)
  • Signs of the Times, Inc. (2003)
  • Signs Plus (1999)
  • Signs-928 LLC (2015)
  • Signworx (2008)
  • Smithcraft (1980)
  • Summit West Signs (2004)
  • The Signery (1986)
  • The Sign Company of Arizona LLC (2013)
  • Tile Signs & Graphics (1990)
  • Trademark Visual, Inc. (2007)
  • Western Signs & Lighting, LLC (2007)
  • YESCO (1978)

    Expanded Listings

    A & B Sign Co., Inc. (2003)
    691 N. 6th St.
    Prescott, AZ  86301
    Phone:  1-800-717-6995; Fax:  928-776-4429
    For job referrals use:
    Bryan Wieweck
    Service Available: Full service sign company.  Design, manufacture, install and service all types of signs.  In-house neon. UL approved 
    Equipment: 100' crane, 66’ Elliot, service trucks
    Service Area: Northern Arizona.  Fabrication for other areas.

    Addisigns, Inc. (2005)
    3808 E. 38th Street
    Tucson, AZ  85713
    Phone:  520-748-1540; Fax:  520-571-9120
    Michael Addis, President; Katherine Addis, Secretary/Treasurer

    All Weather Sign Service (2001)
    6514 W. Mercer Ln.
    Glendale, AZ 85304
    Phone: 602-547-3040; Fax: 623-776-0932
    Randal Riesing

    Allen Industries (2010)
    6434 Burnt Poplar Rd.
    Greensboro, NC  27409
    Phone:  336-668-2791; Fax:  336-668-7875
    Thomas L. Allen, President
    John Hellard
    5502 W. Hadley St., Phoenix, AZ 85043
    Phone: 602-759-8187; Fax: 602-759-8190

    America's Instant Signs (2015)
    2539 E. Rose Garden Lane
    Phoenix, AZ 85050
    Phone:602-404-0009; Fax: 602-404-7210
    Tom Cotter
    Service Available: Permitting, manufacturing and installation of custom signs.
    Equipment: 30' bucket truck, metal and wood fabrication equipment, paint booth
    Service Area: Central Arizona

    Arizona Commercial Signs (1993)
    4018 E. Winslow Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ  85040
    Phone:  480-921-9900; Fax:  602-437-8073
    President; Scott Hudson, VP
    Service Available: Manufacture, installation and repair commercial signs, shopping centers, monument signs, channel letters.
    Equipment: 80’ crane, 100' crane, 30' bucket, four service trucks
    Service Area: Statewide

    Arizona Custom Signs and Lighting (2017)
    3334 N. 20th Street
    Phoenix, AZ  85016
    Phone:  623-626-3712
    Nathan Krossman, Owner

    Associated Sign Co., Inc. (1989)
    3335 West Vernon Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ  85009
    Phone:  602‑278‑8464; Fax:  602‑278‑8933
    Michael Shano 
    Service Available: Complete sign services—design, manufacturing, installation, service.
    Equipment:  55’ Elliot/crane with bucket, 65’ Versalift with bucket, 1 ton flatbed, pick-up trucks and trailers
    Service Area: Statewide

    AZ Sign & Graphics, Inc. (2008)
    1300 E. Malapai Road
    Show Low, AZ 85901
    Phone: 928-537-5158 or 866-537-5158; Fax: 928-532-2884
    Joseph Tucker, Project Manager
    Sign Services:  We specialize in business-to-business commercial signage including design, manufacture, installation, service, surveys and permits.  Our product line includes awnings, banners, magnetics, cabinets, channel letters, electronic digital display, sign painting, vinyl graphics, vehicle/fleet decoration, and monument, pylon and billboard signs.  Our crew has several years experience with fluorescent and incandescent and LED signs.  All our illuminated signs are UL listed. We also provide parking lot and street lighting service and maintenance. 
    Trucks/Equipment: Crane service, 55 foot bucket truck, and service vehicles. Large format printing, state of the art technology, including welding and fabrication.
    Comments: We've been in business for more than 25 years as a licensed, bonded and insured full service sign company ROC176014 (L-38).

    Bleier Industries, Ltd. (1976)
    9650 W. Roosevelt Street
    Tolleson, AZ 85353
    Phone:  602‑944‑3117; Fax:  602‑395‑0753
    Paul Bleier, President; Scott Bleier, Vice President
    Service Available: Fabrication, installation and maintenance of exterior signage. 
    Equipment: 110' and 70’ Elliott sign crane, trailers, aerial ladder and aerial bucket truck
    Service Area: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico

    bluemedia (2010)
    8920 South McKemy
    Tempe, AZ 85284
    Phone: 480-317-1333; Fax: 480-317-0277
    Lance Davis, V.P. Operations

    Bootz and Duke Sign Co. (1978)
    2831 W. Weldon Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ  85017
    Phone:  602-272-9356; Fax:  602‑272‑4608
    Andy Gibson, President, Charlie Gibson, Brent VanDeman, General Manager
    Service Available: Design, manufacture, install, service all types of signs. 
    Equipment: Two 87' cranes w/buckets, 65' crane w/bucket, 65' crane, two 55' aerial ladders, 45' aerial ladder.
    Service Area: Arizona

    Caliber Signs
    2934 W. Windsor Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85009
    Phone: 480-755-8121; Fax: 480-755-7997
    Aaron Miller, Owner
    Service Available: Service and installation for all signs, including interior displays, ADA, directories and banners. Complete design, fabrication and routing. Excellence in craftsmanship and consultation. Criteria/esp development.
    Equipment: 65' Radocy bucket truck; 55' Altec; 30' Versalift welding, brakes/shears
    Service area: All of Arizona

    Christy Signs (1978)
    1825 South Black Canyon Highway
    Phoenix, AZ 85009
    Phone: 602­242­4488; Fax: 602­271­0433
    Dane E. Christensen or Candise Christensen
    Service Available: Manufacture, installation, and service of all types of signs, (neon, plex, metal, etc.).
    Equipment: 85' crane, 80' crane, 49' crane, 55' sponco, 50' sponco, miscellaneous trucks and trailers
    Service Area: Statewide

    Cook & Co. Signmakers, Inc. (2006)
    134 S. Tucson Blvd.
    Tucson, AZ  85716
    Phone:  520-622-2868; Fax:  520-622-2959
    Jude Cook, President
    Service Available:  Electric signs, neon, installation, service and repair, digital imaging, architectural signage, screen-printing, ADA signs, sandblasted signs.
    Equipment:  50’ crane, 35’ bucket, router, 54” digital printer
    Service Area:  Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Green Valley, Sahuarita

    Corporate Sign, Inc. (1999)
    5766 E. Perdido Drive
    Cave Creek, AZ  85331
    Phone:  480-488-9369; Fax:  480-595-2588
    Dan Leoni, President
    Equipment: 85' H.D. crane, 65' Wilkie pickup trucks
    Service Area: 60 mile radius

    Craft Master Sign Corporation (1988)
    1725 W. Williams Dr., #50-51
    Phoenix, AZ 85027
    Phone:  602‑484‑9588; Fax:  602‑484‑0530
    John Brennard, President; Harvey Eisenberg, Vice President
    Service Available: Complete sign manufacturing, installation and service. 
    Equipment: Two 65' cranes, one 55' aerial ladder, flatbed trucks and trailers
    Service Area: Statewide

    Davis Interior Graphics & Signs LLC (2014)
    1135 S. 48th St.
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    Phone: 480-945-0196
    Blake Davis
    Service Available: Design, fabrication, installation of all signs, permit, surveying and service, wholesale to the trade, CNC
    Equipment: CNC routers, 30' bucket trucks/crane, service vehicles, state of the art technology for design, fabrication and installation
    Equipment: All of Arizona and wholesale nationwide

    Del Outdoor Advertising, Inc. (2005)
    1702 S. Arizona Ave.
    Yuma, AZ  85364
    Phone:  928-343-1135; Fax:  928-783-5479
    Brandy Wright, General Manager
    Service Available:  Complete design, manufacturing, installation, permits and service. Interior and exterior signs, magnetics, banners and decals.
    Equipment:  110’ Terex 23 ton crane with basket, service trucks
    Service Area:  Statewide Arizona, Southern California
    Branch Office:
    Joe Madrigal, Manager
    Sign Pro, 1702 S. Arizona Avenue, Yuma, AZ  85364
    Phone:  928-343-1135; Fax:  928-783-5479

    Effective Signs (2004)
    1544 S. Euclid Ave.
    Tucson, AZ  85713
    Phone:  520-323-0665; Fax:  520-323-6786
    Kathy French, President
    Service Available:  The only Tucson company to offer graffiti resistant sign finishes.  Effective Signs, Ltd. is your full-service commercial signage resource.  We specialize in design, fabrication, and installation of cabinet; directory; fco; monument; letter manufacturing (illuminated and non-illuminated) and neon signs.
    Need something on a smaller scale?  Our graphics department can handle your vinyl and graphics needs to create custom a-frames, banners, magnetics, site signs and vehicle lettering.
    Have a concept, but haven’t made it a reality?  Let our consultants assist with corporate image/design/logo services.  Effective Signs, Ltd. can make it happen!  If you can imagine it, we can design and build it.
    We handle the application and permitting process, working closely with the municipalities, to ensure that your sign(s) meet guidelines and criteria.
    Run the Risk of Being Noticed
    Equipment:  Bucket truck (35’), crane/boom (45’), service vehicles
    Service Area:  State of Arizona

    Elite Signs (2009)
    3422 W. Whitton Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ  85017
    Phone:  602-272-4204; Fax:  480-287-8753
    Jeff Kendall, Owner
    Service Available:  Full service sign company; graphic design, manufacturing, installation and service of all types of signs.
    Equipment:  38' bucket truck, service vehicles, additional equipment available as needed.
    Service Area:  State of Arizona

    Epic Sign Group (2006)
    1043 East Indian School Road
    Phoenix, AZ  85014
    Phone:  602-264-5800; Fax:  602-264-5050
    Randy Ripps, President

    Equity Sign Group, Inc. (2005)
    3218 E. Bell Rd., #201
    Phoenix, AZ  85032
    Phone:  602-441-4425; Fax: 602-235-2355
    Steve Scott, President; Rob Frazier, Vice President
    Service Available:  Design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of all types of signage.
    Equipment:  We utilize crane, ladder and bucket trucks as well as lift equipment to complete any size project.
    Service Area:  State of Arizona

    Fluoresco Lighting & Signs (1983)
    5505 S. Nogales Highway
    Tucson, AZ 85706
    P. O. Box 27042, Tucson, AZ 85726
    Phone: 520­623­7953; Fax: 520­884­0161
    Mark Jones, Branch Manager 

    Fluoresco Lighting & Signs (1983)
    3000 E. Chambers Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85040
    Phone: 602­276­0600; Fax: 602­470­1313
    Service Available: Fabrication, installation and service of signs and lighting systems.
    Equipment: Cranes, ladder trucks, scissor lifts and vans
    Service Area: National

    Global Sign Works LLC (2009)
    9142 N. 84th Drive
    Peoria, AZ  85345
    Phone:  623-261-7584; Fax:  623-533-4049
    Tyrel Foster
    Service Available:  Sign install, service, repair, vinyl
    Equipment:  Two 35’ bucket trucks, one 85’ Skyhook crane
    Service Area:   60 miles of Metro Phoenix area

    Higher Signs & Lighting, Inc. (2007)
    6414 W. Baseline Rd.
    Laveen, AZ 85339
    Phone:  602-472-3367; Fax:  602-354-2549
    Tracy Shaw, Vice President
    Service Available:  Sign service and installation
    Equipment:  28’ and 40’ bucket trucks.  We also utilize crane trucks and lifts when needed.
    Service Area:  State of Arizona

    Identity Sign Group, Inc. (2003)
    10027 N. 12th Street
    Phoenix, AZ  85020
    Phone:  602-751-0708; Fax:  602-266-1289
    Scott Mehlhoff, President
    Service Available: Complete design, manufacturing, installation and service
    Equipment: Two 2007 L60 Elliot Cranes, one 45’ bucket truck and service pickups
    Service Area: Nationwide with emphasis in Arizona

    Ikonik Signs (2017)
    625 W. Guadalupe Rd., #6
    Gilbert, AZ  85233
    Marcus Williams, Owner

    Jayco Signs, LLC (2008)
    6211 E. Mescal St.
    Scottsdale, AZ  85254
    Phone:  602-595-2269; Fax:  602-595-1219
    Christopher Jay Nazarewicz, Owner
    Service Available: Installation and Service

    JB Signs (2016)
    2141 E. Indian School Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    Phone: 602-331-1185

    Ken's Sign Service, Inc. (1988)
    2121 W. Pima
    Phoenix, AZ  85009
    Phone:  602-256-2589; Fax:  602‑253‑5636
    Ken Treguboff, President
    Service Available: Installation, service, vinyl, design, flagpoles
    Equipment: Two 60' crane trucks
    Service Area: Arizona

    Logo Design Group, LLC (2009)
    8669 W. Monte Vista Rd.
    Phoenix, AZ  85037
    Phone:  623-521-0994; Fax:  623-907-3363
    Drew Hunsaker
    Equipment:55' Garland aerial ladder
    Service Area: Arizona

    Maricopa Sign Company (2015)
    50766 W. Jean Dr.
    Maricopa, AZ 85139
    Phone: 520-483-5398
    Mirek Rusinski, Owner

    Metro Sign A Rama (2014)
    3329 W. Catalina Dr.
    Phoenix, AZ 85017
    Phone: 602-997-6362
    John Clark, Owner
    Service Available: Digital printing, electrical signs, digital signage, monuments
    Equipment: Routers, AccuBend, digital printers, laminators, full metal shop, full wood shop
    Service Area: Arizona

    Morgan Sign Co. (2003)
    704 E. Moeller Street
    Prescott, AZ 86301
    Phone: 928-778-6336; Fax: 928-778-5094
    Stephan Markov, Owner
    Service Available: Design, graphics, digital imaging, manufacture, consulting, field survey, permit acquisition, CAD-CAM and wide format printing.

    Mountain States Specialties, Inc. (1999)
    6125 S. Maple Ave.
    Tempe, AZ 85283
    Phone:  480‑839‑0751; Fax:  480‑839‑5360
    Bryan Billeter
    Products and Services:  Design, fabrication and installation of all types of signs.  ADA signage, interior signs, marquees, monuments, plaques and electrical signs.
    Service Area:  Licensed, insured and bonded in Arizona  and Nevada.

    Naturalite Neon, LLC (2014)
    4020 N. 38th Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85019
    Phone: 602-278-8866; Fax: 602-278-7547
    David Glover
    Service Available: Manufacture and install all types of signs; in-house neon.
    Equipment: 55' Elliott, 45' Wilkie, CNC Router, arete and letter lok system, 10' CNC brake

    Northern Arizona Signs (1997)
    1214 W. Kaibab Lane
    Flagstaff, AZ  86001
    Phone:  928‑779‑2008 ext. # 200; Fax:  928‑779‑2038
    Phil Keesee, General Manager

    Number One Signs Corp. (2010)
    1842 E. 3rd St., #104
    Tempe, AZ  85281
    Phone:  480-970-8060; Fax:  480-970-6646
    JR deLuna; Matt Olinger
    Service Available:  Design, fabrication, installation and service of all sign categories.
    Service Area:  Arizona

    Pearson's Sign Co. (1970)
    3162 East 47th St.
    Tucson, AZ  85713
    Phone:  520‑792‑2563; Fax:  520‑792‑9871
    Randy Garcia, General Manager
    Service Available: Sign manufacturing, service, installation, plastic forming, surveys, permitting, graphics, decals, flagpoles and flags. 
    Equipment: 80', 76' and 60' cranes and service trucks
    Service Area: Tucson and Southern Arizona

    Pearson's Sign Co. (1970)
    1904 N. Black Canyon Hwy.
    Phoenix, AZ  85009
    Phone:  602‑272‑9461; Fax:  602‑272‑1163
    William L. "Bill" Pearson, Jr. and William L. "B.J." Pearson
    Service Available: Sign manufacturing, service, installation, plastic forming, surveys, permitting, graphics, decals, flagpoles and flags, digital printing and laminating service available.
    Equipment: 80', 76' and 60' cranes, ladder trucks, and service trucks
    Service Area: All of Arizona

    Penn Neon Sign Co., Inc. (1998)
    707 W. 8th Street
    Yuma, AZ  85364
    Phone:  928‑782‑2501; Fax:  928‑343‑4076
    Perry J. Pensky, President; Ron Contreras
    Service Available: Full service: manufacturing, installation, neon-new and repair, service, commercial signs, surveys and permitting.
    Equipment: 118' Dynalift/SX57 Sky Hoist, 40' Sponco/SR77 Sky Hoist
    Service Area: Western Arizona and Southeast California

    Precise Sign (2000)
    3914 W. Maricopa St., Suite 2
    Phoenix, AZ  85009
    Phone:  602‑278‑2906; Fax:  602‑278‑2523
    Randy Lauridsen, Owner‑President
    Service Available: Installation elevation/non‑elevations/service calls, etc. 
    Equipment: Crane truck, service truck
    Service Area: Valleywide, statewide

    Red Mountain Lighting & Energy Services, LLC (2012)
    5402 S. 40th St.
    Phoenix, AZ 85040
    Phone:  480-325-8315; Fax:  480-830-6359
    Peter Barovich, CEO

    Royal Sign Company, Inc. (1961)
    2631 N. 31st Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ  85009
    Phone:  602‑278‑6286; Fax:  602‑278‑0234
    Raymond Owens, President; Warren Alvord, Vice President
    Service Available: Full service sign company; design, manufacture and install and service all signs.
    Equipment: Five crane trucks and three service trucks
    Service Area: USA

    RSS Industries, LLC (2012)
    5733 W. Washington St.
    Phoenix, AZ  85043
    Steve Sanders, Owner Manager
    Phone:  602-889-7330; Fax:  602-889-7335

    Sandstorm Signs & Service, Inc. (2016)
    1144 W. Birchwood Ave., #102
    Mesa, AZ 85210
    Todd Atkinson
    Phone: 480-835-SIGN (7446); Fax: 480-835-1808
    Service Available:  Design, manufacture, installation and service of all types of signs
    Equipment:  35’ bucket truck, 45’ bucket truck and 20’ scissor lift

    Sierra Signs & Service, Inc. (2009)
    1745 N. Greenfield Rd.
    Mesa, AZ  85205
    Phone:  480-835-0168; Fax:  480-835-0005
    Teri Davis, President

    Sign-A-Rama (2001)
    3400 N. Arizona Ave., Suite 117
    Chandler, AZ  85225
    Phone:  480-821-1100; Fax:  480-821-0700
    Allison Kast-Eichenberg, Owner
    Service Available: Sign fabrication and install.  Site Survey and installation service available for out-of-state sign companies or clients.
    Equipment: 40' bucket truck, pickup, crane
    Service Area: Metro Phoenix

    Sign Magic, Inc. (2006)
    435 S. Norris Ave.
    Tucson, AZ  85719
    Phone:  520-731-2652; Fax:  520-731-2641;
    Michael Trotter and Douglas Wallker
    Service Available:  Design and fabrication of all types of signs.  Large format digital printing, permitting, surveying, service and installation.
    Equipment:  55’ crane, 35' bucket truck and service truck
    Service Area:  Southern Arizona and Metro Phoenix area

    Sign Masters (1997)
    1165 S. 4th Avenue
    Yuma, AZ  85364
    Phone:  928‑782‑7497; Fax:  928‑782‑1515
    Lance Leinbach, President
    Service Available: Sign fabrication, metal, aluminum, wood, plastics, in-house neon, fluorescent, bulb (electric) sign installation (all types).
    Equipment: 100' Garland, 65', 55' (multiple) and 35', 62’ Sky Hoist crane with two-man basket and overhead crane with basket
    Service Area: 120 mile radius of Yuma (El Centro, California)

    Sign Services
    16845 N. 29th Ave., #445
    Phoenix, AZ 85053
    Phone: 602-350-1489
    Email: Tamara Hess
    Service Available: Installation and service, sales and permits
    Equipment: 80' and 100' cranes, bucket trucks, service trucks. We own all of our equipment stock trucks
    Service area: Arizona

    Sign Tec, L.L.C. (1994)
    2515 W. Cypress Street
    Phoenix, AZ  85009
    Phone:  602‑269‑9773; Fax:  602‑442-5180
    Edward Helms, Owner
    Service Available: Manufacture, installation, repair, area lighting maintenance, vinyl graphics.
    Equipment: 30', 36' and 55' boom trucks, special-equipped install trucks
    Service Area: Statewide

    Signart, Inc. (2017)
    905 N. Country Club Drive
    Mesa, AZ 85201
    Phone: 480-835-8887; Fax: 480-835-8974
    Todd Tate, Partner

    Signline (2005)
    127 W. Juanita Ave., #106
    Mesa, AZ  85210
    Phone:  480-833-8009; Fax:  480-833-7863
    Karl Gredler, President

    Signs of the Times, Inc. (2003)
    1801 N. 25th Drive
    Phoenix, AZ  85009
    Phone:  602-269-6887; Fax:  602-269-3448
    Darek Birski, President; Gary Carnine, Sales 602-743-1840
    Service Available: Full service sign company.  Manufacture, install and service all types of signs.  Wholesale to the trade.
    Equipment: Two cranes, automated letter bending machine, cc routers, neon shop
    Service Area: Statewide

    Signs Plus (1999)
    9200 E. Valley Road
    Prescott Valley, AZ  86314
    Phone:  800-257-5095; Fax:  928-772-7327
    Dale R. Johnson, President
    Service Available: Full service UL electric sign company including survey, design, permit, project management, fabrication, installation and service.
    Equipment: Neon Plant/ Digital Printer/ Metal Shop/ CNC Router/ Cranes to 120’
    Service Area: Statewide

    SIGNS-928 LLC (2015)
    154 S. Main St.
    Cottonwood, AZ 86326
    Phone: 928-639-9411; Fax: 928-639-9412
    Jason Keller
    Service Available: Sign repair, fabrication and digital printing
    Equipment: 60' boom, bucket truck, backhoe, digital printer, vinyl cutters, laminator, CNC router
    Service Area: Northern Arizona

    Signworx (2008)
    2727 W. Baseline Rd., #17
    Tempe, AZ 85283
    Phone: 602-268-1875: Fax: 602-243-0229
    Marc Shuman

    Smithcraft (1980)
    3643 S. 7th Street
    Phoenix, AZ  85040
    Phone:  602‑268‑1349; Fax:  602‑268‑1369
    Eric Felker, President
    Service Available: Complete design, manufacturing, installation and service. 
    Equipment: Fully‑equipped cranes, lift trucks and service vehicles
    Service Area: Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico

    Summit West Signs (2004)
    335 East Baseline Road
    Gilbert, AZ  85233
    Phone:  480-926-3465; Fax:  480-926-7350
    Dana L. Duncan, Managing Member
    Service Available: Design, fabrication, paint, routing, sandblast, vinyl, signage installation, ship-in work, laser engraving, digital shirts.
    Equipment: Cranes, bucket trucks, routers, blasters, digital printers, Laser, etc.
    Service Area: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico

    The Signery (1986)
    2812 E. Illini
    Phoenix, AZ  85040
    Phone:  602‑265‑9597; Fax:  602‑265‑9584
    Tom T.J. Marco, Owner
    Service Available: Commercial signage, neon, manufacture, installation, and service, lighting retrofits and lighting maintenance. 
    Equipment: 65' and 75' cranes, 35' ladder trucks, and 40' bucket
    Service Area: Arizona and Nevada

    The Sign Company of Arizona LLC (2013)
    3534 N. 42nd Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85019
    Phone:  480-525-2041
    Craig Musick

    Tile Signs & Graphics (1990)
    729 N. Golden Key Street, Suite 200
    Gilbert, AZ  85233
    Phone:  480-967-6029; Fax:  480-967-1191
    William Prokes, Owner
    Service Available: Design, fabrication, installation of signs, interior and exterior most materials
    Service Area: Greater Phoenix and Tucson area

    Trademark Visual, Inc. (2007)
    3732 E. University Drive
    Phoenix, AZ  85034
    Phone:  602-272-5055; Fax:  602-272-5011
    David Baum
    Service Available:  Design / Manufacture / Install / Service
    Service Area:  National

    Western Signs & Lighting, LLC (2007)
    P.O. Box 41662
    Mesa, AZ  85274
    Phone:  480-831-8600; Fax:  480-831-8611
    Mark Cefalu, Statutory Agent

    YESCO (1978)
    3782 E. 43rd Place
    Tucson, AZ  85713
    Phone:  520-512-0062;
    Ryan Radovich, Branch Manager

    YESCO (1978)
    5702 E. Railhead Avenue
    Flagstaff, AZ  86004
    Phone:  928‑526‑2028;
    Keith Roberts, Branch Manager

    YESCO (1978)
    1140 Interstate Place
    Bullhead City, AZ  86442-7979
    Phone:  928‑763‑8887; Fax:  928‑763-1898
    Michael A. Bell, Branch Manager

    YESCO (1978)
    6725 W. Chicago Street
    Chandler, AZ  85226
    Phone:  480-449-3726; Fax:  480-961-5923
    Jake Winklepleck, Vice President/Sales


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