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OSHA Crane Operator Certification Delay: Crane rule officially delayed until November 2018

OSHA requires that all crane operators be certified by November 10, 2018.
This document includes NEW information.


HAPS6H also known as the EPA Spray Paint Issue

This rule applies to facilities that use paints/coatings which include the following Hazardous Air Pollutants: chromium, lead, manganese, nickel, or cadmium. If your paints do NOT contain these HAPs, or if you apply the paint by brush or roller, you must file either: 1) petition of exemption, or 2) compliance notification. Owners or operators of a spray coating operation that do nothing may be subject to violation. If you do spray these HAPs, you need to file a notification with the EPA of your compliance with their requirements. These requirements include:

- Employee training
- Efficient spray guns
- 98% efficient booth and mixing room filters
- Approved prep booth (no open air spraying)
- Approved gun cleaner

The rule also applies to any paint stripping operations that involve the use of methylene chloride. You can find an easy to read summary at Click here for the full rule which details exactly who is affected and what needs to be done to comply.

The employee training can be outsourced (some paint suppliers and distributors do these trainings) or can be done in house.

EPA rule: Full_HAPs6H_Rule.pdf
EPA information site:



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