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Licensed Sign Contractor (A-1)
Any contractor required by law to maintain an active State of Arizona contractors License (L-38) and whose primary business is the manufacture, installation and/or maintenance of on-premise signs in the State of Arizona. 

Sign Company (A-2)
Any company not required by law to maintain a State of Arizona Contractors License in order to engage inthe company's principal business related to the on-premise sign industry.

Sign Supply Distributor (B-1)
Any multi-product line company whose principal business is the supply and/or distribution of products to the sign industry.

Sign Product Manufacturer (B-2)
Any limited-product line company and/or their manufacturer representative whose product line is incorporated into the finished product by the sign industry.

Associate (C-1)
Any company and/or organization that conducts related business with the on-premise sign industry and whose principal business operations involve consulting services, publications, insurance, trade schools, government entities, and/or other professional associations.

Current Members

Rebecca Cron
Business Phone: 651-272-0859
Business Information
Service Available: 3M Commercial Solutions Division--Signage Vinyl and other related signage products.
Natalie Wicking
Business Phone: 416-288-5649
Business Information
Matt Fregosi
Business Phone: 602-252-8841
Business Information
Service Available: Altec Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of aerial and telescopic boom trucks and cranes specifically designed for the lights, signs and utility industries.
Ed Rule
Business Phone: 360-201-0153
Business Information
Service Available: LED solutions for channel lighting, core lighting, border lighting, etc.
Russ Mills
Business Phone: 707-326-1400
Business Information
Service Available: West Coast Manufacturer's Representative for quality sign products.
Michael Mayhew
Business Information
Service Available: Daktronics designs, manufactures and sells dynamic visual communication systems, including standard LED message centers to custom video displays, backed by over 40 years of experience.
David Buck
Business Phone: 866-278-5543
Business Information

Direct Sign Wholesale is North America's premier manufacturer and wholesaler of channel letters. Front lit, Reverse, Open Face and Front/Back lit letters available, and we can also provide non-lit letters. Excellent pricing and fast turn times.

Priscilla Love
Business Phone: 800.793.4793
Business Information
Service Available: France Lighting Solutions offers a complete line of high quality LED Power Supplies, pre-assembled and pre-wired LED Fast-Paks, MoguLED self-ballasted high output LED Lamps, LED Sign Bright Kits, and LED Driver Cans. Our Fluorescent products include Cold Cathode Ballasts, Lampholders, T12 PowerBrite Ballasts, T8 Reliant Ballasts, and T8 6500K and 4500K Reliant Fluorescent Lamps. A full range of Standard Neon, Service Masters and Cold Cathode Transformers are also available, as well as the accessories you need for LED, Neon and Fluorescent sign installation.
Caitlin Schneider
Business Phone: 800-538-8377
Business Information
Service Area: National and International.
Service Available: Manufacturer of dimensional letters for the sign industry including: engraving material, formed plastic letters, injection molded plastic letters, laser cut acrylic letters, cast aluminum and bronze letters, flat cut metal letters, GemLite Formed Channel Letters, GEM Brand trimcap, aluminum, bronze, ADA and etched plaques, wayfinding & Giclee plaques, injection molded channel letters, custom letters and logos, changeable copy letters, track and accessories, Metal & Acrylic laminated to foam, GemLeaf letters, Metal laminated to acrylic letters.
Christopher Hartenstein
Business Phone: 800-543-1340
Business Information
Kevin Kim
Business Phone: 714-245-0058
Business Information
Service Available: LED lighting, LED module transfer.
Rob Riley
Business Phone: 1-800-464-2680
Business Information
Service Area: National / International
Service Available: Ballasts / LED Power Supplies / LED HID Lighting / LED Sign Lighting / LED Retrofit / LED Sign Retrofit / Lighting Accessories
Dan Mardian, Jr.
Business Phone: 602-484-7799
Business Information
Tim Lloyd
Business Phone: 800-323-6593
Business Information
Service Available: High quality paints specific to the signage and display industry.
Matt Anderson
Business Phone: 800-667-4554
Business Information
Dennis Spahr
Business Phone: 614-294-3281
Business Information
Service Available: Manufacturer of various thermoplastic flat sheets and roll stock.
Rich Matas
Business Phone: 325-227-4577
Business Information
Nate Streit
Business Phone: 612-335-4394
Business Information
Service Available: Paint coats and supplies, adhesives, spray, equipment, brushes, rollers, etc.
Dave Breihof
Business Information
Service Available: Vendor of aluminum sign extrusions for hingeable sign cabinets, post and panels and tensioning systems. Retro fit systems, radius ends, radius corners, divider bars and changeable panel systems. Available in extruded lengths and unassembled kits. Wholesale assembly available on a regional level.
Rick Bellefeuille
Business Phone: 805-676-3200
Business Information
Service Available: Fully integrated LED systems with common power supplies and featuring constant current technology LEDs for channel letters, reverse channel letters, light boxes, border tubing and accent lighting.
Charlie Blanchard
Business Phone: 800-322-2828
Business Information
Service Available: Exclusively to the sign trade. Waterjet cut and reverse channel letters and logos. All metals, including stainless and titanium. Raster Braille, LED and etching.
JJ Wright
Business Phone: 818-850-7718
Business Information
Service Area: USA and Canada
Service Available: Wholesale supplier of customer stainless steel signage fabricated in and shipped directly from our factory in Bangkok, Thailand.
Angela Elsier
Business Phone: 973-627-8608
Business Information
Service Available: Supplier of quality printable media from 30' to 198' for UV, solvent, latex, screen and dye-sub printing.
Jerry Walker
Business Phone: 602-292-4121
Business Information
Ivan Perez
Business Phone: 888-595-3956
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