Member Directory

Licensed Sign Contractor (A-1)
Any contractor required by law to maintain an active State of Arizona contractors License (L-38) and whose primary business is the manufacture, installation and/or maintenance of on-premise signs in the State of Arizona. 

Sign Company (A-2)
Any company not required by law to maintain a State of Arizona Contractors License in order to engage inthe company's principal business related to the on-premise sign industry.

Sign Supply Distributor (B-1)
Any multi-product line company whose principal business is the supply and/or distribution of products to the sign industry.

Sign Product Manufacturer (B-2)
Any limited-product line company and/or their manufacturer representative whose product line is incorporated into the finished product by the sign industry.

Associate (C-1)
Any company and/or organization that conducts related business with the on-premise sign industry and whose principal business operations involve consulting services, publications, insurance, trade schools, government entities, and/or other professional associations.

Current Members

Jean White
Business Phone: 602-818-7983
Business Information
Service Area: State of Arizona
Service Available: Custom signage, flags , banners, monuments, ADA compliant signage, Vehicle graphics, Interior signage, regulatory signage
Equipment: CET flatbed , Epson, Laser
Tyrel Foster
Business Phone: 623-261-7584
Business Information
Service Area: 60 miles of Metro Phoenix area.
Service Available: Sign install, service, repair, vinyl.
Equipment: Two 35' bucket trucks, one 85' Skyhook crane.
Tracy Shaw
Business Phone: 602-708-8592
Business Information
Service Area: State of Arizona.
Service Available: Sign service and installation.
Equipment: 28' & 40' bucket trucks and 80' crane.
Scott Mehlhoff
Business Phone: 602-279-9268
Business Information
Service Area: Nationwide with emphasis in Arizona.
Service Available: Complete design, manufacturing, installation and service.
Equipment: Two 2007 L60 Elliot Cranes, one 45' bucket truck and service pickups.
Steven Johnson
Business Phone: 928-350-5183
Business Information
Jose Villanueva
Business Phone: 623-302-4545
Business Information
Service Area: National sales, installation and service
Service Available: Survey, design, permitting, fabrication and installation.
Equipment: 30 ft. boom-lift truck; Scissor and boom-lift rentals as needed
Jason Walker
Business Phone: 602-819-2221
Business Information
Service Area: Statewide
Service Available: Installation, service, repair, and removal
Equipment: 35' bucket truck
Christopher Jay Nazarewicz
Business Phone: 602-595-2269
Business Information
Service Available: Installation and service.
Ken Treguboff
Business Phone: 602-256-2589
Business Information
Service Area: Arizona.
Service Available: Installation, service, vinyl, design, flagpoles.
Equipment: Two 60' crane trucks.
Drew J. Hunsaker
Business Phone: 623-521-0994
Business Information
Service Area: Arizona.
Equipment: 55' Garland aerial ladder.
Stephan Markov
Business Phone: 928-778-6336
Business Information
Service Available: Design, graphics, digital imaging, manufacture, consulting, field survey, permit acquisition, CAD-CAM and wide format printing.
David Glover
Business Phone: 602-278-8866
Business Information
Service Available: Manufacture and install all types of signs; in-house neon.
Equipment: 55' Elliott, 45' Wilkie, CNC Router, arete and letter lok system, 10' CNC brake.
Hillarie Nickerson
Business Phone: 928-779-2008 x201
Business Information
Matt Olinger
Business Phone: 480-970-8060
Business Information
Service Area: Arizona.
Service Available: Design, fabrication, installation and service of all sign categories.
William L. Pearson, Jr.
Business Phone: 602-272-9461
Business Information
Service Area: All of Arizona.
Service Available: Sign manufacturing, service, installation, plastic forming, surveys, permitting, graphics, decals, flagpoles and flags, digital printing and laminating service available.
Equipment: 80', 76' and 60' cranes, ladder trucks, and service trucks.
Jerry Buethe
Business Phone: 520-792-2563
Business Information
Service Area: Tucson and Southern Arizona.
Service Available: Sign manufacturing, service, installation, plastic forming, surveys, permitting, graphics, decals, flagpoles and flags.
Equipment: 80', 76' and 60' cranes and service trucks.
Perry J. Pensky
Business Phone: 928-782-2501
Business Information
Service Area: Western Arizona and Southeast California.
Service Available: Full service: manufacturing, installation, neon-new and repair, service, commercial signs, surveys and permitting.
Equipment: 118' Dynalift/SX57 Sky Hoist, 40' Sponco/SR77 Sky Hoist.
Randy Lauridsen
Business Phone: 602-278-2906
Business Information
Service Area: Valleywide, statewide.
Service Available: Installation elevation/non-elevations/service calls, etc.
Equipment: Crane truck, service truck.
Raymond Owens
Business Phone: 602-278-6286
Business Information
Service Area: USA.
Service Available: Full service sign company; design, manufacture and install and service all signs.
Equipment: Five crane trucks and three service trucks.
Steve Sanders
Business Phone: 602-889-7330
Business Information
Teri Davis
Business Phone: 480-835-0168
Business Information
Michael Trotter
Business Phone: 520-731-2652
Business Information
Service Area: Southern Arizona and Metro Phoenix area.
Service Available: Design and fabrication of all types of signs. Large format digital printing, permitting, surveying, service and installation.
Equipment: 55' crane, 35' bucket truck and service truck.
Lance Leinbach
Business Phone: 928-782-7497
Business Information
Service Area: 120 mile radius of Yuma (El Centro, California).
Service Available: Sign fabrication, metal, aluminum, wood, plastics, in-house neon, fluorescent, bulb (electric) sign installation (all types).
Equipment: 100' Garland, 65', 55' (multiple) and 35', 62' Sky Hoist crane with two-man basket and overhead crane with basket.
Marc Arellano
Business Phone: 520-369-3741
Business Information
Tamara Hess
Business Phone: 602-350-1489
Business Information
Service Area: Arizona.
Service Available: Installation and service, sales and permits.
Equipment: 80' and 100' cranes, bucket trucks, service trucks. We own all of our equipment stock trucks.