Member Directory

Licensed Sign Contractor (A-1)
Any contractor required by law to maintain an active State of Arizona contractors License (L-38) and whose primary business is the manufacture, installation and/or maintenance of on-premise signs in the State of Arizona. 

Sign Company (A-2)
Any company not required by law to maintain a State of Arizona Contractors License in order to engage inthe company's principal business related to the on-premise sign industry.

Sign Supply Distributor (B-1)
Any multi-product line company whose principal business is the supply and/or distribution of products to the sign industry.

Sign Product Manufacturer (B-2)
Any limited-product line company and/or their manufacturer representative whose product line is incorporated into the finished product by the sign industry.

Associate (C-1)
Any company and/or organization that conducts related business with the on-premise sign industry and whose principal business operations involve consulting services, publications, insurance, trade schools, government entities, and/or other professional associations.

Current Members

Edward Helms
Business Phone: 602-269-9773
Business Information
Service Area: Statewide.
Service Available: Manufacture, installation, repair, area lighting maintenance, vinyl graphics.
Equipment: 30', 36' and 55' boom trucks, special-equipped install trucks.
Allison Kast-Eichenberg
Business Phone: 480-821-1100
Business Information
Service Area: Metro Phoenix.
Service Available: Sign fabrication and install. Site Survey and installation service available for out-of-state sign companies or clients.
Equipment: 40' bucket truck, pickup, crane.
Todd Tate
Business Phone: 480-816-5892
Business Information
William Hayes
Business Phone: 303-746-0850
Business Information
Darek Birski
Business Phone: 602-269-6887
Business Information
Service Area: Statewide.
Service Available: Full service sign company. Manufacture, install and service all types of signs. Wholesale to the trade.
Equipment: Two cranes, automated letter bending machine, cc routers, neon shop.
Chris Grace
Business Phone: 800-257-5095
Business Information
Service Area: Statewide.
Service Available: Full service UL electric sign company including survey, design, permit, project management, fabrication, installation and service.
Equipment: Neon Plant/ Digital Printer/ Metal Shop/ CNC Router/ Cranes to 1200.
Michael Frawley
Business Phone: 480-644-0593
Business Information
Marc Shuman
Business Phone: 602-268-1875
Business Information
Nicole Bergstrom
Business Phone: 602-268-1349
Business Information
Service Area: Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico.
Service Available: Complete design, manufacturing, installation and service.
Equipment: Fully equipped cranes, lift trucks and service vehicles.
Dana L. Duncan
Business Phone: 480-926-3465
Business Information
Service Area: Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico.
Service Available: Design, fabrication, paint, routing, sandblast, vinyl, signage installation, ship-in work, laser engraving, digital shirts.
Equipment: Cranes, bucket trucks, routers, blasters, digital printers, Laser, etc.
Bill Fields
Business Phone: 520-294-3400
Business Information
Service Area: Arizona
Service Available: Design, fabricate and install signage.
Craig Musick
Business Phone: 480-525-2041
Business Information
Carlos Benitez
Business Phone: 623-206-8713
Business Information
William Prokes
Business Phone: 480-967-6029
Business Information
Service Area: Greater Phoenix and Tucson area.
Service Available: Design, fabrication, installation of signs, interior and exterior most materials.
Daniel Pettit
Business Phone: 602-861-6762
Business Information
David Baum
Business Phone: 602-272-5055
Business Information
Service Area: National.
Service Available: Design / Manufacture / Install / Service.
Manuel Nunez
Business Phone: 480-343-2772
Business Information
Service Area: Arizona State
Service Available: Electrical Sign Service, Preventive maintenance, Installation, Site Surveys, Repair, De-brand
Equipment: Wilkie Model 60 service ladder
Aaron Garcia
Personal Phone: 602-481-0558
Business Information
Mark Cefalu
Business Phone: 480-831-8600
Business Information
Ryan Radovich
Business Phone: 520-512-0062
Business Information
Keith Roberts
Business Phone: 928-526-2028
Business Information
Michael A. Bell
Business Phone: 928-763-8887
Business Information
Paul Gullo
Business Phone: 480-449-3726
Business Information